The "Cité Radieuse - Le Corbusier" and Mini-Mo’ collections are manufactured within a radius of 70 km in the Rhône-Alpes region in France.

La fabrication des accessoires  de la « Cité Radieuse » Le Corbusier

The air vent and the door handle are entirely manufactured in France. They are manufactured in a traditional way, nevertheless, the design of each element composing the two accessories was carried out by computer with a 3D software. The design and prototypes were realized throughout the study under the control of "Le Corbusier Foundation". From this design have been made the foundry tools for the aluminum casting of each piece.

Here the 10 main production stages

  1. Gravity casting in shells
  2. Deburring and polishing
  3. Machining fasteners
  4. Foundry quality control
  5. Adjustment and fine polishing before etching (brushed or polished finish)
  6. Engraving characters and ideograms by Laser Fiber
  7. Quality control engraving
  8. Assembly of elements and tests
  9. Quality control assembly
  10. Packing and shipping

During all the manufacturing stages, each element is subjected to the greatest attention to guarantee the best quality of the accessory. With the manufacture of the air vent and door handle "Cité Radieuse" we raise together, on the same quality desire, several French know-how, that is old and new, always under the control of the "Foundation Le Corbusier".

The manufacture of shelves Mini-Mo’

The shelves with their accessories are entirely made in France. If the production is semi-artisanal, nevertheless the design of each element making up the range was carried out by computer with 3D software. From this conception, various manufacturing processes have been implemented in order to guarantee the best quality of the products.

Here is the detail of the 8 main manufacturing steps

Material: AG3 aluminum sheet thickness 2 mm
  1. Order reception
  2. Computer programming for laser cutting
  3. Laser cutting
  4. Folding
  5. First quality control
  6. Application of a layer of thermosetting paint
  7. Second quality control
  8. Packaging and shipping