Lorenzo Formato, is an Italian craftsman from an early age, and has acquired the basics of the job as well as the requirement for a job well done by his father, a blacksmith. In 1991 he graduated in Italy as a surveyor (equivalent of " architect collaborator" in France).
In 1995, passionate by the men heritage and history, he moved to France, where, after a very rewarding work experience, he decided to link his know-how to his creativity to give birth to Naklis in 2001. Since 2001 the company is installed in the stables of an old farmhouse of the twelfth century, located in Anneyron, in the Drome area.
With his atypical career, he decided to surround himself with a team whose career were different and transmit his expertise to people who were sharing its values (excellence, well done work, details ... ).
Naklis, uses his know-how to perform reproduction work, restoration of old works in metalwork. It has also excelled in the creation field, innovation and the manufacture of unique works in wrought iron. Through its creations, the company has expressed its perpetual search for balance. After this adventure and the wish of evolution in the design, Lorenzo Formato created in 2018 Naklis Home.
Through this new commercial structure, research and the creation of design objects continue in the same spirit to continue the balance between utility and beauty.
With from time to time a jump in the past...


"After all, the man who transforms the metal to fit his needs, has a dream: the dream of a humanity that, unceasingly, imagines objects out of a state of mind, where the unique purpose is to produce emotions."

                                                                                                                                                 Lorenzo Formato