Project to reissue the « VEGA » air vent and the « Cité Radieuse - Le Corbusier » door handles

In the footsteps of Le Corbusier

In 2013 Lorenzo FORMATO and his firm Naklis is selected to participate to the restoration of the famous Cité Radieuse of Marseille, work of the architect Le Corbusier, classified as historical monument in 1995 and severely damaged by a fire in 2012.

Lorenzo Formato and his team have restoreted in particular the stairs (signed by Jean Prouvé), the kitchens (by Charlotte Perriand) as well as the showers, partitions, lighting fixtures, delivery boxes, doorbells, door handles and air vents. At the end of this restoration project, Le Corbusier Foundation validates to Naklis Home the commercalization of various accessories: VEGA air vents and door handles under the label "Cité Radieuse - Le Corbusier". These air vents and door handles illustrate in part the decoration work of the master for the famous Cité Radieuse in Marseille, a site listed since July 17, 2016 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The original air vent

The air vent was used to heat the different rooms of the apartments

The original door handle

The project

After 12 months of research, studies, tests and prototyping in 3D, Lorenzo was able to manufacture a first series of these accessories for the damaged apartments by the fire. Following this intervention, was born the project of publishing and commercializing the air vent and door handle under the brand Naklis Home. After having published a pre-series for test, Naklis Home and Le Corbusier Foundation, have been realizing the new accessories in the definitive sales version.

“Si le soleil entre dans la maison, il est un peu dans votre Cœur”